Long Way Home:
Building a Sustainable Community

Long Way Home is dedicated to bringing a more prosperous and sustainable future to the community of San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala where our students can walk a path of civic connection and economic success. We educate in a freethinking, democratically ordered educational system that attends to the whole child. Graduates become self-directed and self-sustaining community members.


Long way Home / vision and mission

Long Way Home’s mission as a registered US 501(c)3 is to use sustainable design and materials to build self-sufficient schools that promote education, employment and environmental stewardship.

Our Students

After wrestling with various ideas of curriculum for CETC, Long Way Home decided that teaching critical thinking skills would most benefit the graduates. We had used our critical thinking skills to understand the needs of the community and to decide on our plan. Using this approach in the classroom would help them forge a more hopeful future.

Our School

Long Way Home decided that a well-engineered, seismically safe, and aesthetically pleasing school built from trash, an abundant resource in Guatemala, would be a benefit to both the community and the environment. In 2009 we broke ground filling tires with earth to build a school.


Long Way Home has converted 14,000 tires and 400 tons of trash into a legally registered school named the Centro Educativo Tecnico Chixot, K-12 (CETC).


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