Escama Studio donates a soda pop-top bag to all Rubbish to Runway events.

Escama Studio is a social enterpise based in California and Brazil. Their mission is to create innovative on-trend fashion accessories while promoting sustainable development through trade.

The word 'Escama' means 'fish scales' in Portuguese; the name was chosen because our flagship product -- crocheted accessories with post consumer pull tabs -- appear as if they're made from big metallic scales of a fish.

To achieve the unique aesthetic, the Escama Studio team adapted traditional Brazilian crochet work and imbued the handmade crafts with a modern design sense and new materials. With designs originating from both San Francisco and Brazil, the pop top bags are handmade in Brazil by artisan groups who are not just contract manufacturers, but an integral part of Escama Studio.

Three different bags have been donated to Rubbish events in Houston, Hermosa Beach and Salisbury to be sold at each live auction. Buy your tickets for the Hermosa Beach and/or Salisbury events today at the Fashion Show page on this website.  Just click on whichever show you want to attend. See you there!


Rubbish to Runway and Long Way Home featured on ticketprinting blog

Rubbish to Runway and Long Way Home featured on ticketprinting blog

When Laurie Mendoza and Nancy Langmeyer decided to start a 50/50 raffle for the upcoming Salisbury R2R they got their tickets through, an online ticketing service. The ticket printing company decided to feature the Rubbish to Runway in their blog. Read what they had to say about Long Way Home and R2R:

Don't Call Me Maria!

For women weavers in Guatemala, the name "Maria" is a racial epithet and reduces Mayan women to the status of a maid. Indigenous women are also teachers, lawyers, doctors, accountants and business women. They have become educated and empowered just 20 years after a peace accord called off the civil war waged against their people by their government and military. Now they seek recognition of their ancient craft, weaving, through changes in the copyright laws.

Drag Queens Storm the Runway

Rubbish to Runway made its first Canadian appearance in Edmonton in December 2016. Hosted at the Rocky Mountain Ice House, there was a silent auction and performances from dance group, Samba Edmonton; singer, Davy Damo; Bardic Form and a fashion show featuring the House of Homocidal. Heart and Dagger Tattoo and The Devil’s Beard Co, sold their amazing products, and donated their proceeds to Long Way Home. Watch clips from the evening.