Important News and Reminders for Rubbish to Runway 2019, Byfield 

Last Minute Details:

I have reserved a seat for all models and designers whether you have confirmed or not. Due to tight seating and high demand, if you don't plan to use or assign this seat PLEASE TELL ME NOW. There are many people who want to attend who can't get tickets. The allotment is one comp ticket for every designer and model. If you are both a model and a designer you still only get one seat. Thanks for your understanding.

  • If you wish, Rocco Coviello, our cherished photographer, will be backstage after 1:00 PM taking beautiful studio quality stills of each model and designer.

  • Please try to get hair and makeup done and your picture taken by 4:00 when Rocco will be breaking down the set.

  • Leo Lin, a Governor's photography student, will help direct you backstage. 

  • Note to all those wearing sponsor outfits: your photos will be shared with sponsors. 

  • There are three changes in the order. Please note that Kendall is now #44, Marion is now #45 and Alexis is #46.

  • The final schedule: 

    • 1:00 arrival, makeup, and hair begin in the dressing rooms on the lower level of the theater. Your resting place after hair and make-up is the Black Box theater also on the lower level.

    • 2:00 dress rehearsal begins with the first models, Joey, Tia, and Rachel. A quick run through so you can all hear your walk talks and get the flow. I hope to get this done in 2 hours. I am running the rehearsal. No more Diane Gage.

    • Know your place in the order. Meet the person in front of you and behind you.

    • 4:00 PM Georgia joins us to teach the finale.

    • 4:30 the food arrives and the long wait (I'm so sorry about this part) begins. 

    • Probably we will run over and the long wait won't begin until 5:30 and then it won't be such a long wait!

    • Let's make it fun in spite of all our anxieties (including mine).

    • 7:00 R to R 2019 begins